Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Autographs on RetroCards

1968 Walt Garrison
We've had some big smiles from players that have discovered RetroCards at signings.  My favorite is Walt Garrison who held up the signed card for this photo. It is a 1968 Topps-style card which originally never existed. 
Walt Garrison with signed RetroCard, 2012

We have had a few sons of former players seek out memorabilia of their fathers.  We typically make a few cards for them in exchange for a couple of autographs for ourselves.  It is especially fun to hear how happy some players are to finally get on a card!  Sometimes good things come to those who wait.

Some have requested we make a stack of cards for them so they can use them to send autographs to fans or to keep for their families.  If asked, we'll include an area for the autograph that is a white, partial opaque box.  Below is a collage of a few old Cowboys who have been gracious enough to sign a card or two:  (clockwise from lower left: Ron Fellows, Dave Sherer, Don Talbert, Tom Braatz, Chuck Howley, Tom Stincic, Frank Clarke, and Jerry Rhome.

Mike Downs, Tony Hill and Chuck Howley are all smiles when seeing their respective RetroCards for the first time.  Mike got an 1984 Topps -style card, Tony Hill signs a "pre-rookie" 1978 Topps - style card, while Chuck Howley works on 1962, 1963 and 1972 Topps -style cards.

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