Monday, June 17, 2013

If you could have a custom sports card made, which player would you choose?  Maybe a guy that sat on the bench and never got much playing time. Maybe you would choose a player you've always admired but that never had a card.  Maybe you would have a card made of your son or daughter in their softball uniform.  With design software and the available digital photography, one can really have some fun making custom cards.  I have been making my own cards for many years and took it up a notch by actually having them printed on similar stock to what old baseball cards used to be printed on.
1980 RetroCard of Len Sakata

Having grown up in Milwaukee, I was a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan and I had a friend who was President of the Len Sakata fan club.  Len Sakata was an infield prospect that only played a couple years for the Milwaukee before going to the Orioles.  I was lucky enough to meet him and he was my first favorite baseball player.  Much to my dismay,  he never had a card in a Brewer uniform - until now.

I had saved old Brewers yearbooks and had a nice color photo of him that I scanned.  Using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, I redesigned the look of a 1980 Topps baseball card and inserted the photo. It took a lot of time and patience but I was able to come pretty close to the original design.  I then designed a back for it too.

I hooked up with someone else who was doing the same thing and we decided to join forces and concentrate on Dallas Cowboys cards.  I was amazed to learn that some retired players were interested in having cards made of themselves for autographing.  So we dedicated a couple of years to creating some very convincing looking cards - and have had a blast doing it.

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