Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love Player Feedback

One of the great things about making custom cards is some of the players get a kick out of them.  RetroCards was originally conceived as a way for autograph seekers to have something for players to sign.  Former All-Pro receiver Frank Clarke was a very grateful for the cards and sent a hand written "thank you."  Other players have purchased photography that they have sent to RetroCards with the idea of creating a custom card for them.

Many of the photos submitted are black and white and need to be colorized.  Depending on the quality of the photo, this can be well worth the time.  Both Clarke photos on the left were black and white photos that were enhanced using various editing software.
1962 Design
1961 Design

Another Cowboy receiver that had us create a card was Dennis Homan.  Though be played a few years in the league, he never had a card - until now!  Some players have also helped with getting the bio information on the back of the card accurate, which really help to make a realistic card.

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1968 Dennis Homan

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