Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why aren't there more cards of Broadway Joe?

Football card collectors with a sharp eye may have noticed that the last Joe Namath card during his playing days was a 1973 Topps card.  But he played until 1977 but cards of his later years are conspicuously missing. Apparently there was a contract dispute between Namath and Topps causing there to be no cards issued of Broadway Joe from 1974-1978.

Topps went so far as to create a card for 1974 but it was pulled.  Some proofs were printed and have found their way to collectors and according to Bob Lemke's blog, he states, "Larry Fritsch showed me the one he had more than 25 years ago. In 2004, Heritage Auctions sold an example for $2,340. I'd be surprised if more than two or three other examples of the Namath proof card exist."

Custom card makers like myself attempt to correct the wrongs of the Card industry and making custom Joe Namath Cards.  The first card is the 1974 proof that was never officially released. I made a slightly more attractive card with the next sample.  The next 3 cards are cards for 1975, 1976 & 1977 Topps while the last card features Joe's final year with the Rams.

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