Sunday, July 28, 2013

1962 Packers Supplemental Set By RetroCards!

The 1962 Green Bay Packers team was arguably the greatest team of the Lombardi era.... on second thought, there wouldn't be much argument - they were the best!  It is the pleasure of RetroCards to make a very special 1962 supplemental set of Packer cards.  No team has more Hall Of Fame players than that team and since the football sets were rather small, several key players didn't have cards.  Hall of Famers Willie Davis, Ray Nitschke, Willie Wood, Herb Adderley, and Emlen Tunnell now have cards and other Pro Bowlers Jerry Kramer, Ron Kramer, Bob Skoronski, Jess Whittington, and legendary coach Vince Lombardi are now properly represented.

This set is considered one of the finest sets of the 60's with it's sharp black border, color posed shot, and black and white action photo.  It is the reason RetroCards took the time to make this a very special set for collectors.  This is the first of several vintage Packer sets where the card company missed several key players that collectors just can't do without! Coming Soon.....

Monday, July 22, 2013

Various custom RetroCards of Thomas Henderson spanning designs from 1976-1980.

One of my favorite players growing up was linebacker Thomas Henderson.  He was a Pro Bowl player for the Dallas Cowboys and just when I though he would be an All-Pro for years to come, his career took a nasty turn as he was kicked off the Dallas Cowboys in 1979.  Eventually called "Hollywood" Henderson for his antics on and off the field, he has become more known for his substance abuse problems and eventual recovery.  Though his career was cut short due to many excesses, he leaves an interesting legacy as a player and now as a motivational speaker.

His book "Out Of Control - Confessions of an NFL Casualty (1987)" is a great read and really gives an interesting perspective from a high profile player on a high profile team.  A series of motivational videos, "Yes, I'm Still Clean," can be found on YouTube.  Henderson is eloquent, inspiring, and funny in these candid talks about his recovery.

One of the most amazing parts of the Thomas Henderson story is NOT that he is a two-time lottery winner,  but that he still remained clean after winning millions of dollars.  I am honoring him with several custom RetroCards with designs from the 1976-1980 era.

Friday, July 12, 2013

1965 Philadelphia Gum Dallas Cowboys Update: The Latest RetroCard Set!

Here's the third Philadelphia Gum set Retrocards has tackled.  The black name box at the base of the card made this set the least colorful in the 4-year series but perhaps that what makes it look the classiest.

This Retrocards set includes first-time cards for; Pete Gent, Jim Boeke, Obert Logan, Leon Donohue, Jerry Rhome and Larry Stephens. Gent, Logan, and Rhome also appear in the 1966P Retrocards set. We have the first Cowboys card for Brig Owens and J.D Smith, as well as pre-rookie cards for Bob Hayes, Chuck Howley, Craig Morton, Dave Manders, Ralph Neely, Dan Reeves, and Jethro Pugh.  Check out the full set here!  More to come.

RetroCards featuring the style of 1965 Philadelphia Gum Cards.

Monday, July 8, 2013

1984 Football - But In A Baseball Card Style!

There are teams from certain eras that I grew up loving.  I used to wish there were more cards available of those old players but there were limits as to what was available - especially when it came to football cards.  As the sport of baseball added new manufacturers in the 80's like Fleer, Donruss, Bowman, Score, etc... us football fans where stuck with one company for much of the decade of the 80's.

One of the many fun projects has been creating new football team sets by using the corresponding year's baseball card design.  I always loved this 1984 baseball design so I decided to make an Dallas Cowboys team set with that style.  I thought the action photo with head shot in the colored box was a nice touch.  The design was clean and classic looking.  I've done this with several Basketball and Hockey designs as well.

RetroCards Custom 1984 Topps Baseball
1984 Topps Baseball set featuring the Dallas Cowboys

Check out the whole 1984 Cowboys RetroCards set here

Sunday, July 7, 2013

RetroCards: Custom Sports Cards Video

1966 Philadelphia Gum Cards Update Set

One of the most popular football cards sets is the 1966 Philadelphia Gum Card set which featured 198 NFL players.  The classic design is comprised of a posed color photo of the player, an NFL logo, and the players name in a brightly colored box.  From 1964-1967, Philadelphia Gum Cards had the contract to produce NLF player cards while Topps would produce AFL cards during that time.

David "Deacon" Jones 1966 Philadelphia Card

RetroCards is gearing up to make a massive update to the popular 1966 Philadephia set.  At roughly 170 cards, the RetroCards set will feature many mid-level stars and up-and-coming players not featured in the original set.  Stay tuned for more details!

Samples from RetroCards 1966 Philadelphia Update Set

Monday, July 1, 2013

Can't Get Enough Of Joe

If you have a favorite player that you want to create more cards of, I found that using period designs from other card sets is fun to do. Whether you decide to use Basketball, Baseball, Football, or Hockey, the possibilities are endless.  I made a few more Namaths for fun by using the Philidelphia Gum Cards designs for 1965-1967.  Namath had cards from those years that were featured in card sets but here was a way to expand his cards by using designs that were from the period he played.

Here are a couple designs from some of my favorite Baseball sets: 1971 and 1974.  It is always a challenge to find photography that fits the year featured. This can be a real challenge with obscure players where images are hard to find, but not with Broadway Joe!

Check out some of other custom cards here.