Friday, July 12, 2013

1965 Philadelphia Gum Dallas Cowboys Update: The Latest RetroCard Set!

Here's the third Philadelphia Gum set Retrocards has tackled.  The black name box at the base of the card made this set the least colorful in the 4-year series but perhaps that what makes it look the classiest.

This Retrocards set includes first-time cards for; Pete Gent, Jim Boeke, Obert Logan, Leon Donohue, Jerry Rhome and Larry Stephens. Gent, Logan, and Rhome also appear in the 1966P Retrocards set. We have the first Cowboys card for Brig Owens and J.D Smith, as well as pre-rookie cards for Bob Hayes, Chuck Howley, Craig Morton, Dave Manders, Ralph Neely, Dan Reeves, and Jethro Pugh.  Check out the full set here!  More to come.

RetroCards featuring the style of 1965 Philadelphia Gum Cards.

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