Thursday, August 15, 2013

The regular 1962 Football set had the Packer's biggest stars: Hornung, Starr, Taylor, Ringo, and Gregg.  Unfortunately, the football sets were rather small and teams were relegated to about a dozen players per set each year.  That meant that many great players often waited years to appear on a card, or in some instances, never appeared on a card at all during their playing career.  

As a collector myself, I want to collect the old stuff but not "just the stars."  Even today, "the stars" may appeal to greater number of hobbyists but for people that want to take their collecting further can do so with RetroCards.  These cards are NOT for the masses, but for the select few who want to collect more from that period.  Some collectors have all there is from that time and wish there were more players available.  Plus, they sure are great for autographs!  Click here to order your set now! Watch for more from this great 1962 set coming soon!

1962 Topps RetroCards Willie Davis Lombardi Kramer Ron Jerry Adderley Wood Skoronski Symank Kostelnik nitschke tunnell pitts wood master roach wittenton blaine iman barnes custom retro cards "cards that never were"
Below is the original Packers Team set from 1962.  There are an abundance of red name boxes for the Packers team set with only one blue and one yellow box (green was omitted entirely).  The RetroCards 18 card set balances out the colors of both sets by including more yellow, green, and blue.

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