Monday, October 28, 2013

Having Fun With 1975 Designs

1975 was the first year I started buying sports cards regularly.  I'd walk up to the hobby shop and buy some penny candy and a pack of sportscards. Sometimes I'd open the pack to find football cards, sometimes they were Hockey or Basketball.  I was more interested in the gum in those days but eventually I became more interested in the cards and would give the gum to my buddy Dan or my little sister.

Those colorful cards stayed in my junk drawer for many years and upon returning from college, I found those same old cards.  They still smelled of chalky pink gum and I started to reminisce.  So when I started making new cards from this set recently, those same old memories came back.  There were quite of few quality players that didn't make the cut.... veterans like Joe Namath and Duane Thomas as well as up and coming stars like Too Tall Jones, Jack Lambert, and Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.  I even created a special card featuring an MLB and ABA star for my All-Pro Afros card!  Quite a few guys qualified but I narrowed it down to my two favorites: Oscar Gamble and Darnell Hillman.

Having fun with 1975 Topps designs featuring All-Pro Afros: Oscar Gamble and Darnell Hillman!