Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 1969 Football card set was printed in two series, each consisting of 132 cards. The checklist card (#132), is printed in both series and has two variations. Card numbers 133-263 are more difficult to locate than the first 132 cards. A slight change was amde to the design of the second series of cards. Where the first series featured a full bleed of the background color, a white border was added to the second series cards.  This made for an inconsistent look but collectors have loved the bright colors and simple design.

RetroCards has created an 18-card supplemental Cowboys set that is designed with white borders.  This set features first time card appearances by Phil Clark, Willie Townes, and Bob Belden, as well as pre-rookie cards for Calvin Hill, Roger Staubach, and Reggie Rucker.  Click here to order!

Staubach norman cole nye townes calvin hill