Monday, December 22, 2014

1963 Bears...A Championship Team Commemorated

The 1963 NFL season was dominated by the Chicago Bears and their stifling defense.  One of the only defenses in history to lead the league in fewest rushing yards, fewest passing yards, and fewest total yards, as well as fewest points allowed.  Offensively, they only averaged 3.4 yards per rush and Bill Wade's "wounded duck" passes continued the tradition of hapless quarterbacking for the franchise.  Nonetheless, they deserve recognition for being one of the best teams ever.  The team finished with an 11-1-2 record and defeated the favored New York Giants on a frigid December day 14-10. 

RetroCards presents this 26-card set in the 1963 design collectors love.The set features eight players who never had a Bears card, and six of those players never had a card at all.  Bears collectors will love to see cards of Bob Kilkullen, Larry Glueck, Dave Whitsell, Bo Farrington, Tom Bettis and Charlie Bivins.  Also included are Bears favorites Rick Casares, Mike Pyle, Willie Galimore, Ronnie Bull, and of course, of "Papa Bear" Halas.  This 26-card set is a Bears collector's dream! Get yours here!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Earl Campbell Cards Are Missing No More!

houston oilers new orleans saints

Earl Campbell was arguably the toughest running back to bring down the NFL has ever seen.  Though his reign was brief, he carved out a well-deserved Hall Of Fame career.  Presumably due to a contractual issue,  Campbell only had football cards following his rookie season.  During his playing career, there were to be no more Earl Campbell cards after 1979.
RetroCards has created a comprehensive Earl Campbell card set filling in the missing years: 1980-1986, a pre-rookie 1978 card, several “League Leader” cards, and a few extras.  One of the most under represented football players on cardboard now can grace the vinyl pages of RetroCard collectors! Get your set here!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

1974 Dallas Cowboys: A Disappointing Year, But the Beginning of a New Era

bruce walton, doug dennison, gene killian, drew pearson, charlie waters, jim arneson, otto stowe, golden richards, newhouse, cornell green
The 1974 Dallas Cowboys season was a difficult one and in hindsight can be seen as a traditional year which saw a change of the guard from the old vets like Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, Dave Manders, and Cornell Green to up-and-coming stars like Drew Pearson, Charlie Waters, Golden Richards, and Robert Newhouse.  Though they missed the playoffs that year, they would appear in three Super Bowls in the next five years.

This set contains the aforementioned up-and-coming stars as well as some fan favs like Otto Stowe, Jim Arneson, Rodrigo Barnes, Gene Fugett, Doug Dennison, Bruce Walton, John Babinecz, and more!  Get this fun custom set here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Collectors Love the Obscurity of That 1960 Cowboys Team

The very first RetroCards set produced was of the 1960 Dallas Cowboys.  We thought it appropriate to start with a 1960 set because Cowboy collectors had to endure a team set of out-of-date player photos in their former team uniforms, some of whom never even ended up on the final 1960 Cowboys roster.  That first set was fun to create and collectors responded so favorably that RetroCards has created another 18-card set featuring MORE 1960 Cowboys!

Frank Clarke, Bill Butler, Gene Cronin, Tom Franckhauser, L.G. Dupre, Buzz Guy, and Jack Patera, are just a sampling of the new set.  Granted, many of these players didn’t last long but Dallas Cowboy football card collecting had begun and RetroCards has taken card collecting to a new level with custom card creations of the old players we love!  Get the 1960 Dallas Cowboys Series II here!  Series I is also available here.

franckhauser, clarke, patera, bill butler, dupre, cronin, dugan, mathews, bob fry, buzz guy, gonzaga, butler, cone

Friday, November 21, 2014

1960 Cowboys Put Their New Jerseys On!

The Dallas Cowboys were a late comer to the NFL in 1960.  So late that they were not able to participate in the 1960 college draft.  Nonetheless, 9 Cowboy cards were produced in 1960 featuring players in their former team's uniform.  Four of the nine players featured (Ray Krouse, Charly Ane, Doyle Nix, Ed Modzelewski) never even played for the team!  Two players that did play for the Cowboys in 1960 (Bill Howton and Woodley Lewis) had cards but are representing their prior team.  1961 was a slight improvement as five Dallas players were actually wearing a Cowboy uniform.

At any rate, RetroCards has created two 18-card series featuring early Cowboy contributors, fan favorites, and a couple guys that didn't make the team (although they look spectacular in their Cowboy blues)!  Don Meredith, Tom Landry, Bill Howton, Jim Doran, Eddie Lebaron, Nate Borden, Don Bishop, Mike Connelly, Wahoo McDaniel, and several more make up this special RetroCards set.  Order yours here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Staubach Gets His Final Card... Finally!

The 1980 set is marked the end of an era: it featured the last look at the 70s with a 528-card set that had a simple yet gaudy look.  It was the first set to feature all “sideline” or “game time” shots in favor of the traditional posed photography.  I was always disappointed that Roger Staubach didn’t get a regular card in this set (he does appear on passing leaders card however) after having a great year.  If retirements were announced early enough, Topps often times would not include that player the following year, much to the chagrin of collectors.

This Cowboys set features a new Staubach plus two Highlight Staubach cards.  Other 1979 retirees that make it into this set include All-Pro Cliff Harris, Ed “Too Tall” Jones,  Rayfield Wright, and Thomas Henderson.  Newcomers Alois Blackwell, Robert Shaw, and Robert Steele also make it onto a RetroCard.  Click here to see all the cards and to order yours!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1960 Packers Never Looked So Good

The 1960 Packers really came into their own in Vince Lombardi's second season as head coach with the season culminating with an exciting Championship versus the Philadelphia Eagles in Lombardi's only playoff loss.  The regular Topps card set from 1960 features a handful of Packer stars in their awful pre-1959 jerseys of navy and gold which were slightly tinted to look green and gold.  What's worse is the photo of the Packer's Jim Taylor is wrong for the second year in a row (a different Jim Taylor from the Cardinals was shown in 1959 & 1960). With so many great players and a few who never appeared on a card, RetroCards created an expansive set that includes a total of 36 cards in two series!

Series one includes: Team card, Taylor & Hornung, Coaches, Starr, Currie, Ringo, Tunnell, McGee, R. Kramer, Temp, Francis, Wood, Skoronski, Thurston, Jordan, Moore, Hanner, & Carpenter.  Click here to order Series I.

Series two includes: Championship, Lombardi, Taylor, Gregg, Bettis, Dowler, Quinlan, Iman, Hackbart, Symank, Knafelc, Gremminger, Whittenton, Nitschke, J. Kramer, Forester, Hornung, & Davis.  Click here to order series II.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lynn Swann Gets The RetroCard Treatment

Lynn Swann is among the most beloved Steelers in team history and as a Hall Of Famer, he has been one of the most noticeable players to NOT have cards during the majority of his playing career.  His first card came in 1975 but ended with the 1977 card.  Presumably it was a contractual matter.  RetroCards is proud to add Swann cards from 1978 to 1983, including a special 1974 card!  Like the previous Joe Namath Retrocards set, the Swann set adds all the cards he could have had but didn't.  Get yours here.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reggie Gets His Orioles Card

It has been one of baseball card's greatest omissions: No card of Reggie Jackson in an Orioles uniform.  The A's firesale after the 1975 season is well documented which saw Jackson get traded to Baltimore in a six player trade (Jackson was traded on April 2, 1976 along with minor leaguer Bill VanBommell and Ken Holtzman to the Baltimore Orioles for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez, and Paul Mitchell).

Somehow he played a full season in Baltimore and didn't have a card as an Oriole even though a "Traded" set was produced in 1976.  When Reggie was signed by the Yankees for the 1977 season, a Yankee logo was airbrushed on an old photo of Jackson when he was with the A's.  Oriole's fans must have felt ripped off.  But RetroCards is offering the 1976 "Traded" card of Reggie Jackson in what will be the start of several baseball issues coming soon.  Get yours here!

(Above left) The 1976 Traded (500T) of Reggie as an Oriole.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1966 Philadelphia Football Gets A Custom 3rd Series from RetroCards!

Retrocards introduces our first full custom NFL set. Picking up where the original 1966 Philadelphia set ends, this 140-card set includes eight new players for each of the 15 NFL teams, along with a Team Leaders card for each team, and four Post Season Highlights cards - numbered from 199 to 338. Nearly half (45%) of the cards feature players that either never had a card, or were never issued a card with the team they are pictured with in this set. Click here to order your set!

Buy the complete set, team sets, or relive your youth and open a few packs. Team sets will include nine cards - eight players and one Team Leaders card.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1977 Cowboys 18-card Update Set Is Here!

Dorsett hughes deberg barnes wright dennison hollywood henderson jenson landry cole gregory pugh

The 1977 Football set is arguably the most attractive football set of the decade.  With bright primary colors replacing the pinks and avocado greens of the 74-76 football sets, the 1977 set has long been a fan favorite.  It is the first RetroCard set to feature this year and the Cowboys are again in the spotlight. 

It contains many players who were big contributors to the Cowboys run at Super Bowl XII when they defeated the Denver Broncos 27-13.  Randy Hughes, Aaron Kyle, Burton Lawless, and Thomas Henderson are among the 18 new custom cards as well as a pre-rookie Tony Dorsett and All-Pro Rayfield Wright card!  Free agent QB Steve Deberg and future Giant Beasley Reece also get their Cowboy debut in this new set.  Order your set here!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Champion 1982 Redskins get a RetroCards Royal Treatment

The Washington Redskins had not had a post season appearance from 1946 to 1970.  That changed in the 1970s with George Allan's "Over-the-hill Gang," a squad full of seasoned veterans.  Though they had one Super Bowl appearance (going up against the undefeated Miami Dolphins in 1972) and 3 other playoff berths in the 1970s, they seemed nowhere by 1980.  After a strong finish to the 1981 season, the Redskins took advantage of the strike-shortened 1982 season and ran the table in the playoff behind a massive offensive line, dubbed the hogs, and the powerful running of veteran John Riggins.  This RetroCards set features several Redskins that did not make it into the 1983 set.  Click here to see the full set and get yours!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

RetroCards 1961 Fleer Dallas Cowboys

bob lilly frank clark tom landry braatz bishop don healy doran herchman babb borden frost marsh perkins healy patera gregory frost moegle
After their 0-11-1 start in 1960, there was only one way to go.  1961 was still a building year but several young players began to show promise.  RetroCards adds 18 cards to the original nine Cowboys cards Fleer produced in 1961 including Frank Clarke, Bob Lilly, Jim Doran, Don Bishop, Don Perkins, Coach Tom Landry and 12 others!  Click here to get your set!
jordan nitschke thurston lombardi quinlan kramer adderly tunnell bettis wood pitts knafelc skoronski davis symank whittenton

The 1961 Green Bay Packers won their first Championship under Vince Lombardi and never really looked back.  As the dominant team of the decade, the Packers boasted a wealth of great players, many of whom became Hall Of Famers.  Unfortunately, the card sets were so small, many key players (as well as many scrub players) didn't appear on cards that particular year or ever.  The Fleer Company was trying to break into the sports card market and had some luck with professional football players.  The 1961 Fleer set is the only year that featured NFL players (AFL players were featured in the 1960, 62 & 63 Fleer sets) and because of this, it is the most sought after Fleer set of the 60s.

This RetroCards set features 17 Packer players that didn't have a Fleer card in 1961 plus a coach Lombardi card.  Upon close inspection of the actual 1961 Fleer Packer cards, you'll find that the state of Wisconsin is shown backwards on the logo (the Cheesehead state sometimes gets no respect)!  RetroCards has corrected this error with the proper logo representation on front and back.  To get your 18-card set, click here.

RetroCards presents its first Pittburgh Steelers set!

lynn swann tony dungy dirt winston mike kruzcek bradshaw stallworth bleier toews bell sam davis banaszak j.t. thomas  anderson denver bradshaw

RetroCards presents it's first Pittsburgh Steelers set!  Coming off their 3rd Super Bowl win in five years, the Steelers were stacked with future Hall Of Famers.  The rule changes to the offense in 1978 opened up the passing game and Terry Bradshaw became a prolific passer.  The running game took a back seat and though Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier carried less of the load, Lynn Swann and John Stallworth picked up the slack.  This was fortunate because the mighty Steeler defense was not the stifling unit it had been in 1974-75, but it still came up with the goods.

This RetroCards set features the first of several custom Lynn Swann cards.  Starting with 1978, Swann never had another card although he played through 1982.  Look for other Steelers sets in the not so distant future!  Check out the full 18-card 1979 Pittsburg Steeler RetroCards set by clicking here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I did a blog entry last July on custom cards of Joe Namath, focusing on the "cards that never were" from the last 5 years of his career.  As one of the most highly profiled players in the history of the game, collectors have been interested in obtaining anything they can get their hands on bearing the likeness of Broadway Joe.  Now they can add five cards of Joe spanning 1974 through 1978.  

The first card in the 5-card set is the original card that made it to the test stage but was never officially released (see the July blog entry for a few more details on this super rare card).  The next 4 cards feature a variety of poses including a final card for Joe in a Rams uniform.  The backs were almost as fun to create as the fronts with detailed stats, bio information, and sharp graphics reminiscent of the old cards of the mid-late 70's.  Get yours by clicking here!

Joe finally gets his cards!
And detailed backs