Tuesday, April 29, 2014

RetroCards 1961 Fleer Dallas Cowboys

bob lilly frank clark tom landry braatz bishop don healy doran herchman babb borden frost marsh perkins healy patera gregory frost moegle
After their 0-11-1 start in 1960, there was only one way to go.  1961 was still a building year but several young players began to show promise.  RetroCards adds 18 cards to the original nine Cowboys cards Fleer produced in 1961 including Frank Clarke, Bob Lilly, Jim Doran, Don Bishop, Don Perkins, Coach Tom Landry and 12 others!  Click here to get your set!
jordan nitschke thurston lombardi quinlan kramer adderly tunnell bettis wood pitts knafelc skoronski davis symank whittenton

The 1961 Green Bay Packers won their first Championship under Vince Lombardi and never really looked back.  As the dominant team of the decade, the Packers boasted a wealth of great players, many of whom became Hall Of Famers.  Unfortunately, the card sets were so small, many key players (as well as many scrub players) didn't appear on cards that particular year or ever.  The Fleer Company was trying to break into the sports card market and had some luck with professional football players.  The 1961 Fleer set is the only year that featured NFL players (AFL players were featured in the 1960, 62 & 63 Fleer sets) and because of this, it is the most sought after Fleer set of the 60s.

This RetroCards set features 17 Packer players that didn't have a Fleer card in 1961 plus a coach Lombardi card.  Upon close inspection of the actual 1961 Fleer Packer cards, you'll find that the state of Wisconsin is shown backwards on the logo (the Cheesehead state sometimes gets no respect)!  RetroCards has corrected this error with the proper logo representation on front and back.  To get your 18-card set, click here.

RetroCards presents its first Pittburgh Steelers set!

lynn swann tony dungy dirt winston mike kruzcek bradshaw stallworth bleier toews bell sam davis banaszak j.t. thomas  anderson denver bradshaw

RetroCards presents it's first Pittsburgh Steelers set!  Coming off their 3rd Super Bowl win in five years, the Steelers were stacked with future Hall Of Famers.  The rule changes to the offense in 1978 opened up the passing game and Terry Bradshaw became a prolific passer.  The running game took a back seat and though Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier carried less of the load, Lynn Swann and John Stallworth picked up the slack.  This was fortunate because the mighty Steeler defense was not the stifling unit it had been in 1974-75, but it still came up with the goods.

This RetroCards set features the first of several custom Lynn Swann cards.  Starting with 1978, Swann never had another card although he played through 1982.  Look for other Steelers sets in the not so distant future!  Check out the full 18-card 1979 Pittsburg Steeler RetroCards set by clicking here.