Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Staubach Gets His Final Card... Finally!

The 1980 set is marked the end of an era: it featured the last look at the 70s with a 528-card set that had a simple yet gaudy look.  It was the first set to feature all “sideline” or “game time” shots in favor of the traditional posed photography.  I was always disappointed that Roger Staubach didn’t get a regular card in this set (he does appear on passing leaders card however) after having a great year.  If retirements were announced early enough, Topps often times would not include that player the following year, much to the chagrin of collectors.

This Cowboys set features a new Staubach plus two Highlight Staubach cards.  Other 1979 retirees that make it into this set include All-Pro Cliff Harris, Ed “Too Tall” Jones,  Rayfield Wright, and Thomas Henderson.  Newcomers Alois Blackwell, Robert Shaw, and Robert Steele also make it onto a RetroCard.  Click here to see all the cards and to order yours!