Friday, November 21, 2014

1960 Cowboys Put Their New Jerseys On!

The Dallas Cowboys were a late comer to the NFL in 1960.  So late that they were not able to participate in the 1960 college draft.  Nonetheless, 9 Cowboy cards were produced in 1960 featuring players in their former team's uniform.  Four of the nine players featured (Ray Krouse, Charly Ane, Doyle Nix, Ed Modzelewski) never even played for the team!  Two players that did play for the Cowboys in 1960 (Bill Howton and Woodley Lewis) had cards but are representing their prior team.  1961 was a slight improvement as five Dallas players were actually wearing a Cowboy uniform.

At any rate, RetroCards has created two 18-card series featuring early Cowboy contributors, fan favorites, and a couple guys that didn't make the team (although they look spectacular in their Cowboy blues)!  Don Meredith, Tom Landry, Bill Howton, Jim Doran, Eddie Lebaron, Nate Borden, Don Bishop, Mike Connelly, Wahoo McDaniel, and several more make up this special RetroCards set.  Order yours here.