Monday, December 22, 2014

1963 Bears...A Championship Team Commemorated

The 1963 NFL season was dominated by the Chicago Bears and their stifling defense.  One of the only defenses in history to lead the league in fewest rushing yards, fewest passing yards, and fewest total yards, as well as fewest points allowed.  Offensively, they only averaged 3.4 yards per rush and Bill Wade's "wounded duck" passes continued the tradition of hapless quarterbacking for the franchise.  Nonetheless, they deserve recognition for being one of the best teams ever.  The team finished with an 11-1-2 record and defeated the favored New York Giants on a frigid December day 14-10. 

RetroCards presents this 26-card set in the 1963 design collectors love.The set features eight players who never had a Bears card, and six of those players never had a card at all.  Bears collectors will love to see cards of Bob Kilkullen, Larry Glueck, Dave Whitsell, Bo Farrington, Tom Bettis and Charlie Bivins.  Also included are Bears favorites Rick Casares, Mike Pyle, Willie Galimore, Ronnie Bull, and of course, of "Papa Bear" Halas.  This 26-card set is a Bears collector's dream! Get yours here!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Earl Campbell Cards Are Missing No More!

houston oilers new orleans saints

Earl Campbell was arguably the toughest running back to bring down the NFL has ever seen.  Though his reign was brief, he carved out a well-deserved Hall Of Fame career.  Presumably due to a contractual issue,  Campbell only had football cards following his rookie season.  During his playing career, there were to be no more Earl Campbell cards after 1979.
RetroCards has created a comprehensive Earl Campbell card set filling in the missing years: 1980-1986, a pre-rookie 1978 card, several “League Leader” cards, and a few extras.  One of the most under represented football players on cardboard now can grace the vinyl pages of RetroCard collectors! Get your set here!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

1974 Dallas Cowboys: A Disappointing Year, But the Beginning of a New Era

bruce walton, doug dennison, gene killian, drew pearson, charlie waters, jim arneson, otto stowe, golden richards, newhouse, cornell green
The 1974 Dallas Cowboys season was a difficult one and in hindsight can be seen as a traditional year which saw a change of the guard from the old vets like Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, Dave Manders, and Cornell Green to up-and-coming stars like Drew Pearson, Charlie Waters, Golden Richards, and Robert Newhouse.  Though they missed the playoffs that year, they would appear in three Super Bowls in the next five years.

This set contains the aforementioned up-and-coming stars as well as some fan favs like Otto Stowe, Jim Arneson, Rodrigo Barnes, Gene Fugett, Doug Dennison, Bruce Walton, John Babinecz, and more!  Get this fun custom set here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Collectors Love the Obscurity of That 1960 Cowboys Team

The very first RetroCards set produced was of the 1960 Dallas Cowboys.  We thought it appropriate to start with a 1960 set because Cowboy collectors had to endure a team set of out-of-date player photos in their former team uniforms, some of whom never even ended up on the final 1960 Cowboys roster.  That first set was fun to create and collectors responded so favorably that RetroCards has created another 18-card set featuring MORE 1960 Cowboys!

Frank Clarke, Bill Butler, Gene Cronin, Tom Franckhauser, L.G. Dupre, Buzz Guy, and Jack Patera, are just a sampling of the new set.  Granted, many of these players didn’t last long but Dallas Cowboy football card collecting had begun and RetroCards has taken card collecting to a new level with custom card creations of the old players we love!  Get the 1960 Dallas Cowboys Series II here!  Series I is also available here.

franckhauser, clarke, patera, bill butler, dupre, cronin, dugan, mathews, bob fry, buzz guy, gonzaga, butler, cone