Thursday, December 11, 2014

1974 Dallas Cowboys: A Disappointing Year, But the Beginning of a New Era

bruce walton, doug dennison, gene killian, drew pearson, charlie waters, jim arneson, otto stowe, golden richards, newhouse, cornell green
The 1974 Dallas Cowboys season was a difficult one and in hindsight can be seen as a traditional year which saw a change of the guard from the old vets like Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, Dave Manders, and Cornell Green to up-and-coming stars like Drew Pearson, Charlie Waters, Golden Richards, and Robert Newhouse.  Though they missed the playoffs that year, they would appear in three Super Bowls in the next five years.

This set contains the aforementioned up-and-coming stars as well as some fan favs like Otto Stowe, Jim Arneson, Rodrigo Barnes, Gene Fugett, Doug Dennison, Bruce Walton, John Babinecz, and more!  Get this fun custom set here!

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