Thursday, December 18, 2014

Earl Campbell Cards Are Missing No More!

houston oilers new orleans saints

Earl Campbell was arguably the toughest running back to bring down the NFL has ever seen.  Though his reign was brief, he carved out a well-deserved Hall Of Fame career.  Presumably due to a contractual issue,  Campbell only had football cards following his rookie season.  During his playing career, there were to be no more Earl Campbell cards after 1979.
RetroCards has created a comprehensive Earl Campbell card set filling in the missing years: 1980-1986, a pre-rookie 1978 card, several “League Leader” cards, and a few extras.  One of the most under represented football players on cardboard now can grace the vinyl pages of RetroCard collectors! Get your set here!


  1. Looks like you have Earl playing with the Cowboys by mistake on the 1981 card...but other than that, this set is incredible!!!

    1. Nice catch on the Cowboys reference. That card has been fixed. :)