Monday, May 11, 2015

Kennedy Assassination Impacted Cowboys in 1963

chuck howley, frank clarke, george andrie, harold hays, ray schoenke, tony liscio, jim ray smith, sonny gibbs, lee roy jordan, pettis norman
Hopes were high for the 1963 Dallas Cowboys fourth NFL season as they were expected to build on their 5-8-1 record in 1962.  The offense that was explosive in '62 disappeared in 1963 as the Cowboys struggled to a 4-10 record.  Making matters worse, the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas cast a black cloud over the city of Dallas and the Cowboys as well.  Their game in Cleveland immediately following the assassination was marred with problems for the team.  The players had to unload their equipment from their charter plane at the Cleveland airport and were greeted with hostility.  This dampened an already dismal season.  (For more info on the events impacting the Cowboys in the aftermath of the JFK assassination, check out the excellent book Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes by Peter Golenbock)

However, the Cowboys were building and several key players made an impact:  Pettis Norman, Lee Roy Jordan, Frank Clarke, Jim Ray Smith, Harold Hays, Guy Reese, Chuck Howley, Sonny Gibbs, Tony Liscio, Jerry Norton, Ray Schoenke, Dale Memmelaar, Ed Nutting, Lynn Hoyem, Clyde Brock, John Meyers, and Joe Bob Isbell are featured in this attractive set.  Order your18-card RetroCard set here.

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