Thursday, July 16, 2015

Brian's Cards Are Something to Sing About

Chicago Bears  Brian's Cards Song
Not only has a lot been written about Brian Piccolo, but two films have been made outlining his courageous and tragic story.  As an undrafted free agent, Piccolo made the Chicago Bears out of will and determination. Though he spent 1965 on the taxi squad, he slowly worked his way into the starting line up and was a close friend and roommate of Gale Sayers.  Unfortunately embryonal cell carcinoma took him quickly and from the time he voluntarily removed himself from a game in 1969, he was gone within a year.

The story is well-told in the made for TV movie Brian's Song (1971) and its remake (2001).  Sadly, he only was represented on a trading card in 1969 but RetroCards fills in the rest of his career with seven more cards spanning his rookie year in 1965 to 1970.  The 1970 card is a special "In Memorium" card and he gets three Philadelphia Gum Card in that classic style.  A new Retrocard design is also featured here with the 1968 Philadelphia Action card, which showcases players in a color action photo instead of the traditional posed shot.  Look for more of those 1968 Philadelphia Action to be released by RetroCards in the near future.  This Brian Piccolo set is coming soon!

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