Sunday, August 16, 2015

More Monsters From RetroCards: 1960 Chicago Bears

Fred Williams, Joe Fortunato, Larry Strickland, Bob Kilcullen, J.C. Caroline Johnny Morris, Angelo Coia, Roger Davis, Charlie Sumner, John Aveni John Mellekas, Bill Bishop, Justin Rowland, Jack Johnson, John Adams, Willard Dewveal, Zeke Bratkowski
After a heart-breaking second place finish in the NFL’s Western Division in 1959, the Chicago Bears were ready to make a run for the Championship in 1960.  Although that did not come to be, the Bears still had one of the most feared defenses in the game.

RetroCards is now making available our earliest Bears team set, featuring many of those great “Monsters of the Midway” players.   Pro-Bowl competitors Fred Williams, Joe Fortunato, Larry Strickland, Bob Kilcullen and J.C. Caroline are the main features of this set.   Other popular players among Bears fans also include Johnny Morris, Angelo Coia, Roger Davis, Charlie Sumner and John Aveni.

The special treat for Bears historians is the several players not before featured on a card.   Among them are John Mellekas, Bill Bishop, Justin Rowland, Jack Johnson and the namesake of our Nation’s second president, John Adams.   Furthermore, early cards of Willard Dewveall, who would achieve notoriety in the AFL, and future Packers super-sub quarterback Zeke Bratkowski are also included.   This is a great set, not only for loyal Bears fans, but for any students of the game.  Order your set here!


  1. Any chance you'll make a commemorative set for the '85 Bears? The set released that season was terrible. It featured 14 players and two of them didn't even play for the Bears in '85. You could make pre rookie cards for Dave Duerson, Wilber Marshall, William Perry, Kevin Butler, Ron Rivera, Jeff Fisher (even though he was on IR all season, he was on the '84 team and he was on the sidelines all season), Tom Sanders, Jim Covert, Tom Thayer, Dennis McKinnon, Dennis Gentry, Mike Richardson, Shaun Gayle, Al Harris, Mike Tomczak. Cards for players who never had one like Keith Ortego, Kurt Becker, Al Harris (even though he was a hold out all season) Reggie Phillips, Calvin Thomas, Maury Buford, Tim Wrightman, Henry Waechter, James Maness, Brad Anderson, Ken Taylor, Tyrone Keys and cards for players that aren't represented in the '85 set like Ken Margerum, Otis Wilson, Jay Hilgenberg, Mark Bortz, Emery Moorehead. Could even include coaches Ditka and Buddy Ryan

    The team was hugely popular and it is still featured on lists as being among the top 5 teams in NFL history. Topps never represented them well (or any team for most of the 80's for that matter)

  2. Yes, an '85 Bear set makes perfect sense. By 1985 the football sets were down to 396 cards so many quality players did not get their card. Thank you for the list of players the SHOULD have a card, that helps a great deal. We have done several 60's Bear supplemental sets and Super Bowl years are reasons to focus on teams that won during that time. Stay tuned.