Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Electric Football Beats Any Video Game For Some Diehards

In a time long ago, before video games, there were artifacts know as "board games."  They came in colorful boxes, had pieces and playing cards, and you played them with other people in the same room.  Above are the football board games I grew up with and I am proud to say I introduced my two boys to my original electric football set (which was given to me by my much older neighbor when he tired of it).  Ebay is loaded with this kind of stuff and there has been a run on these types of games for not only nostalgia's sake but play with something that is not digital!

Thankfully, a book devoted to these wonderful game is now available, Steve Anderson's Retro Football Games: A 90 Year Pictoral History.  Check out the website here to order your copy!

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