Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The 1976 Knicks Almost Got Their Doctor

Harthorne Wingo, Bob McAdoo, Dean Meminger, Julius Erving, Lonnie Shelton, Mel Davis, Dr. J Hawthorne

What would the 1976 New York Knicks team have been like if they signed Julius Erving?  They would have been an instant contender.  But sports history is one "what if" after another.  The Knicks actually had the inside track on signing Dr. J but in the end, they couldn't see the value in signing him and they let Erving slip through their fingers.

RetroCards, in a moment of extreme fantasy, created a 1976-77 Julius Erving Knicks card depicting the botched pursuit of the ABA's biggest star.  Other players are Bob McAdoo, Mel Davis, Dean "the dream" Meminger, Lonnie Shelton, fan favorite Harthorne Wingo, and a team card checklist.

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