Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lee Elia And The Art Of Profanity

RetroCards custom cards that never were lee elia tirade
The name Lee Elia may conjure up images of the old Chicago Cubs of the 70s and early 80s, a hapless team that took losing to new levels.  Elia only managed in the big leagues for 4 season and bounced around as coach for another xx years or so.  But he is known for a profanity-laced tirade after a Wrigley field game that some would consider a work of art.

In 1983 the Cubs were off to a difficult start and the fans were letting the team have it.  It’s hard to believe that Wrigley Field went without lights until 1988 and up until then,  all games played there were day games.  This was the time before Wrigley Field was “the place to be" and didn’t attract the affluent (and some would say “less cool”) crowd  that it started to attract once lights were installed.   But a particular day in April, 1983 the normally docile daytime fans had had enough and booed and heckled the Cubs after a one run loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Elia lost his cool in front of four reporters: Robert Marcus (Chicago Tribune), Joel Behrig (Chicago Sun-Times) Don Friske (Daily Herald), and WLS-AM’s Les Grobstein who recorded it on tape.

RetroCards has commemorated Lee Elia’s artistic expression with a special 1983 Highlight Card.  Treat yourself to a listen here.

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