Wednesday, July 6, 2016

1974 Cowboys: A Basketball Design

Topps RetroCards custom cards that never were Dallas Cowboys

The mid 70’s was a great era for sport card designs; lots of wild colors, big afros, and  over-the-top fads.  That’s why RetroCards has created a new Dallas Cowboys set utilizing a 1974-75 basketball card design.  This was always a favorite design of mine and takes me back to my childhood when I would buy bubble gum cards at my local hobby shop.  This set features game action or sideline shots of some of the Cowboys biggest stars of the time and some that many probably have forgotten. 

The 1974 Cowboys were transitioning away from the old-timers that finally won a Super Bowl in 1971 into a more finesse team centered around Roger Staubach.  This season was the start of the second half of Staubach’s career where the Cowboys went to three Super Bowls in four years with relatively the same team of players. This set includes some obscure players such as Gene Killian, Duane Carrell, Calvin Peterson, Ken Hutcherson, Les Strayhorn, Bill Houston, Bruce Walton, Dennis Morgan, Louis Walker, and Jim Arneson.  Stars and familiar faces include: Roger Staubach, Lee Roy Jordan, Drew Pearson, Rayfield Wright, Cliff Harris, Jethro Pugh, Pat Toomay, and Jean Fugett. Get yours here.

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