Saturday, January 28, 2017

1963 49ers: No Where To Go But Up

Topps, San Francisco 49ers, football cards

The 1962 season began with high hopes with coach Red Hickey calling the team the best he has ever coached.  But once the season began, injuries took an immediate toll.  Star lineman Bob St. Claire went down with an achilles tendon and star halfback Bill Kilmer broke his leg in a car accident when driving into the San Francisco Bay.  Their 6-8 record in 1962 dropped to 2-12 in 1963 as more injuries piled up, with Kilmer missing the whole year, starting QB John Brodie breaking is arm, and several defensive starters going down with knee injuries. As dissension seeped into the lock room,  coach Hickey was fired.  

It would be a long climb back but this team was not without some interesting players and future stars and RetroCards has an 18-card set to add to our expansive 1963 set.  This set includes: Kermit Alexander, Clyde Conner, Bill Cooper, Leon Donohue, Eddie Dove, Jimmy Johnson, Carl Kammerer, Roland Lakes, Kay McFarland, Jerry Mertens, Clark Miller, Walt Rock, Len Rohde, Karl Rubke, Monte Stickles, John Thomas, Jim VollenWeider, and Bob Waters.  Coming soon.

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