Friday, February 24, 2017

1968 Bears: More Lean Years To Come

Topps 1968 football cards

The arrival of Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus in 1965 got Bears fans hopes up with their electrifying play, propelling the Bears to a 9-5 record.  Unfortunately, it was downhill from there and by 1968, the old man (George Halas) had stepped down from coaching duties and watched losing season after losing season as the Bears toiled in futility among the NFL’s worst. Fans would have to wait until 1977 for the Walter Payton-led Bears to deliver the next winning season.

1968 was a disaster for the Bears as quarterbacks Concannon (fractured collarbone) and Bukich (separated shoulder) went down with season ending injuries in the same game.  Third stringer Larry Rakestraw was yanked for rookie Virgil Carter, who led the team to four victories but broke his ankle the week after Gale Sayers tore knee ligaments.  Finishing the season 7-7 was a minor miracle.

As fans of any team, we have experienced plenty of losing years and even though our team was losing, we supported them, emulated them, and collected their trading cards.  The fact remains that those teams still bring back great memories and RetroCards feels it is important to give attention to these teams.  The 1968 Bears are the focus of this set.  Doug Buffone, Rudy Bukich, Ron Bull, Frank Cornish, Curtis Gentry, Dick Gordon, Willie Holman, Mike Hull, Bobby Jones, Doug Kriewald, Rudy Kuechenberg, Ed O’Bradovich, Mac Percival, Loyd Phillips, Brian Piccolo, Mike Pyle, Larry Rakestraw, Mike Reilly, George Seals, Rosey Taylor, Cecil Turner, Emolio Vallez, Bob Wallace, and Bob Wetoska.  Get yours now!

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