Thursday, May 25, 2017

1971-72 Floridians: More Than Ballgirls

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The American Basketball Association has blessed us with a treasure trove of fun stories – one more unlikely than the next.  One of the better ones is that of the Miami Floridians franchise. The Floridians began their existence in Minnesota in 1967 as the Minnesota Muskies and although they had success, attendance was atrocious and the team relocated to Miami.  Unfortunately, the attendance in Florida wasn’t much better despite numerous promotions, the most memorable being the tantalizing Ballgirls, a group of cheerleaders clad only in bikinis and go-go boots.

Playing some home games in an airplane hanger, the Floridians’ players often time had to alter their shots to compensate for the ocean breezes passing through the hot building.  Some of the fans that did show up saw fit to complain that the Ballgirls, who for Halloween were dressed in a full bodied black leotard and witches hats, weren’t wearing their customary white bikinis!

Following the 1969-70 season new owner Ned Doyle “fired” the entire team and started new with a fresh roster.  They made the playoffs that season but lost in the first round to the Kentucky Colonels.  By the 1971-72 season, the Ballgirls were the main attraction and a double header in New York was offered to the Floridians ONLY if they brought the Ballgirls with them.  Fans wanted the Ballgirls but home attendance was still dreadful – even in the playoffs, and after losing 4-0 to the Virginia Squires, Doyle disbanded the team in the summer of 1972.

RetroCards pays tribute to the groovy Miami Floridians with a 14-card set featuring players that didn’t have a card that year.  Most importantly RetroCards includes a special card dedicated to the lovely Ballgirls…. Oh, and the players included are: Warren Jabali, Carl Fuller, Charles Beasley, Denny Stewart, Rick Niemann, George Tinsley, Craig Raymond, Tom Washington, Willie Long, Ron Nelson, Fran O’Hanlon, Al Tucker, and a logo card.  Order here!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

1969 Vikings: Eating Up The NFL

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After only eight seasons in the NFL, the lowly Minnesota Vikings all of a sudden didn’t look so low.  Compiling an 8-6 record in 1968 and making their first playoff appearance, the Vikes were primed for 1969.  Finishing with an NFL best 12 wins, the Vikings advanced in the playoffs by beating the Rams and Browns on their way to the Super Bowl.

Led by a defense dubbed the Purple People Eaters, the Vikings intimidated the league with sacks, interceptions, and hard tackles.  Stumpy quarterback Joe Kapp led the offense with fierce leadership and Dave Osborn piled up yardage on the ground.

The original football card set from 1969 really did a disservice to the Viking team by excluding 1968 Pro Bowlers Jim Marshall, Carl Eller, Alan Page and other stars such as Paul Krause, Gene Washington, and Gary Larsen.  The original set even used a Canadian Football Card photo from the early 60s for Joe Kapp!  All of these issues have been corrected with the new 1969 Vikings RetroCards set that includes the aforementioned players plus: Karl Kassulke, Ed Sharockman, Ron Yary, Bob Lee, Wally Hilgenberg, Ed White, Gary Cuozzo, Clint Jones, Dave Osborn, a special Purple People Eaters card, plus a team card and head coach card of Bud Grant.  Order here!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

1966 Cowboys: The First Winning Season

Pete Gent, Mike Gaechter, Jerry Rhome, Jim Colvin, Les Shy, A.D. Whitfield, Malcolm Walker, Leon Donohue, Dave Edwards, Jim Boeke Dan Reeves, Walt Garrison, John Niland, Don Bishop, Jethro Pugh, Tony Liscio, Pettis Norman, "little O" Obert Logan, Topps

The Cowboys 1965 season had a disastrous start with a 5-game losing streak in the first seven games.  They won their last five out of seven however and things looked bright for 1966.  Sure enough, 1966 gave the franchise an impressive 10–3–1 season and their first winning season in the franchise's short history.  In fact they were good enough to host the previous year's champions the Green Bay Packers in the 1966 NFL Championship and got one play away from the first Super Bowl.  It would take Tom Landry five more seasons to win the big one but 1966 was the start.

RetroCards showcases some neglected and cardboard-challenged players like Pete Gent, Mike Gaechter, Jerry Rhome, Jim Colvin, Les Shy, A.D. Whitfield, Malcolm Walker, Leon Donohue, Dave Edwards, Jim Boeke, plus some popular players like Dan Reeves, Walt Garrison, John Niland, Don Bishop, Jethro Pugh, Tony Liscio, Pettis Norman, and "little O" Obert Logan.  Get your set here.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

1982 Celtics: Building Around Bird

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The 1981-82 Boston Celtics finished with a league's best record (63-19) but were upstaged by the surging Philadelphia 76ers in a best of seven series in the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Celtics would win Championships in 1984 and 1986 with the Larry Bird-led team.  In a different time period, this team would have won more but the NBA was blessed with several strong teams that didn't allow the Celtics to run wild like they did in the 1960s.

Centered around the "big three," Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale, the Celtics fielded a team of stars and great role players that played fundamental basketball to a tee.  Since there were no NBA cards during the 1982-83 season, RetroCards has begun to fill this enormous gap with team sets.  Up next are the Celtics featuring: Larry Bird, Nate Archibald, Danny Ainge, M.L. Carr, Eric Fernsten, Chris Ford, Gerald Henderson, Cedric Maxwell, Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish, Rick Roby, coach Bill Fitch, plus In-Action cards of Bird AND Red Auerbach.  Finally, there are cards depicting each playoff series and an attractive team cards and checklist.

Collectors no longer will be denied our favorite players from NBA's golden era! Get it right here.