Wednesday, January 24, 2018

1970s Team Of Decade II: Cowboys Runner Up

Topps 1980 Baseball, custom cards

Though the Steelers edged out the Cowboys for 1970s Team of the Decade, there was never a team with more long term flash and glitz than the Cowboys of the 1970s.  In fact, the Cowboys played in more playoff games and graced the cover of more magazines than any other sports team during that time.  Led by Roger Staubach, the Cowboys managed to play in five Super Bowls during that decade, winning two.

Series two of the 1970s Team of the Decade features 26 Cowboys in a 1980 baseball design that shows off America’s Team in style: Tom Landry, Benny Barnes, Bob Breunig, Pat Donovan, Tony Dorsett, Billy Joe DuPree, John Dutton, John Fitzgerald, Cliff Harris, Tony Hill, Randy Hughes, Butch Johnson, Ed Jones, D.D. Lewis, Harvey Martin, Robert Newhouse, Drew Pearson, Preston Pearson, Tom Rafferty, Herb Scott, Roger Staubach, Charlie Waters, Danny White, Randy White, and a stadium card and team card. Get your set here!

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