Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Waltons: No Longer Playing “Hard To Get”

Topps 1972 1973 1974

Looking back on the 1970s, it amazes me how many different TV shows and TV personalities had board games, record albums, lunch boxes, and bubblegum cards.  Wasn’t our economy a bit shaky then?  If so, you would never know it judging on the consumption of the aforementioned pop cultures artifacts. Charlie’s Angels, The Partridge Family, Welcome Back, Kotter, The Bionic Woman, Good Times and many other shows are well-represented on bubblegum cards but other shows didn’t get that privilege.

One of the decade’s bigger TV drama hits was the Waltons, a depression-era and World War II family that lived in rural Virginia on Walton’s Mountain. A top-20 show in its first six seasons, the Waltons got the usual 1970s pop culture treatment with a lunchbox, board game, record album, and was the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting. A bubblegum card set was piloted and proofs of the 55-card set were released but it never got past that stage. Those cards today cost in the hundreds of dollars per card and are highly sought after. The attractive pink-bordered cards are reminiscent of the designs of the time and features the Walton’s large cast.

RetroCards has created their own set based on the original design, changing the hot pink borders to light blue.  This 18-card set features characters and episodes from the first two seasons as well as a wrapper card of the original test set. Fiscally challenged collectors will now be able to afford to get the John-Boy rookie card in this attractive new set. Familiar faces include the Walton family, the Baldwin Sisters, Ike Godsey, a young John Ritter as the Reverand, a wrapper card (from the original test set) and more! Get yours here!

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I previously proposed a "Mad Mad Mad Mad World" card set to you guys in an email.

    How about the TV Show "Dallas"? You could make an 18-card set that would fill 2 binder pages:

    Main characters:
    1. J.R. Ewing
    2. Bobby Ewing
    3. Jock Ewing
    4. Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes version)
    5. Pamela Barnes Ewing
    6. Sue Ellen Ewing
    7. Lucy Ewing
    8. Ray Krebbs
    9. Cliff Barnes

    10. Clayton Farlow
    11. Miss Ellie (Donna Reed version)
    12. Jenna Wade
    13. Donna Krebbs
    14. JR's nemesis Jeremy Wendell
    15. Dusty Farlow
    16. Morgan Brittany's character
    17. Audrey Landers' character
    18. Another random JR enemy (pick 'em!)