Saturday, December 8, 2018

1969 Jets: Guaranteed To Please

Topps, Super Bowl III, Colts, Jets

The 1968 Jets were the powerhouse of the AFL, beating the Oakland Raiders in the AFL Championship Game. But history was made when Joe Namath, sick of the reporters hounding him, predicted the impossible – that the Jets would beat the Colts of the mighty NFL. 

One of the most colorful sets ever designed, the 1969 football set combined both NFL and AFL teams into one set.  But because of this, there were fewer players per team. The Jets had a mere seven player cards in the regular set, missing several key players and team stars that helped them win Super Bowl III.

RetroCards more than makes up for the paultry seven cards in the original set by adding 25 more cards! Included are: Al Atkinson, Bill Baird, Verlon Biggs, Emerson Boozer, Earl Christy, Paul Crane, John Dockery, John Elliot, Larry Grantham, Dave Herman, Winston Hill, Jim Hudson, Billy Joe, Pete Lammons, Bill Mathis, Carl McAdams, Babe Parilli, Bill Radenmaker, Jeff Richardson, Paul Rochseer, Johnny Sample, John Schmidt, Mark Smolinski, head coach Weeb Ewbanks, and an “Aerial Attack” card featuring Joe Namath, Don Maynard, and George Sauer. Order your set here!

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