Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018: Those We've Lost, Part One

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RetroCards shines one last spotlight on some of the sports figures and pop culture personalities that we lost in 2018. I think it's safe to say many of these people have made life more fun and enjoyable. Some of the cards you see here have already been released in team sets, while others are yet to come. Since we lost so many in 2018, I am splitting this entry into multiple posts. Here are the honorees for part one: 

Sports figures we lost in 2018: Ben Agajanian, Rusty Staub, Fred Dugan, Lonnie Shelton, Jo Jo White, Andy Rice, Rob Picciolo, David Humm, Sammy Stewart, Fred Carr, Tommy McDonald, Len Chappel, Bruce Maher, Ken Houston, Bill Rademacher, Ron Johnson, Steve Kline, Bruce Kison, Red Schoedienst, and Dick Modzelewski. TV & Pop Culture figures we lost in 2018: Jerry Van Dyke, Bradford Dillman, Mickey Jones, Charlotte Rae, artist Robert Indiana, Burt Reynolds, and David Odgen Stiers. 

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  1. Two Ron Johnsons passed away this year: The Steelers' cornerback and the Giants' running back.