Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2018: Those We've Lost, Part Two

Topps, Fleer

RetroCards' tribute to those we have lost in 2018 continues with Part Two. Some of these cards you see here have already been released in team sets, while others are yet to come.  Here are the honorees for part two: 

Sports figures we lost in 2018: Frank Clarke, Bob Bailey, Hal Greer, Jim Taylor, Tito Francona, Keith Christiansen, Bennie Cunningham, Robert Holmes, Dee Hardison, Tim Bassett, Grady Alderman, George Andrie, Jerry Moses, Brian Kinsella, Bill Brown, Chuck Taylor, Tony Cline, Al Gallagher, James, McAllister, Billy Cannon, Frank Varrichione, John Schella, Keith Fahnhorst, Grady Alderman, Dave Nelson, Walt Kowalczyk. TV & Pop Culture figures we lost in 2018: Roy Clark, Penny Marshall, Bill Daily, Margot Kidder.

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