Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018: Those We've Lost, Part Three

RetroCards' tribute continues with a final post with Part Three of Those We Lost in 2018. Some of these cards you see here have already been released in team sets, while others are yet to come.  Here are the honorees for part two: 

Sports figures we lost in 2018: Isaiah Robertson, Bob Barton, Ron Thomas, Ray Kubala, Dwight Clark, Warren Wells, Oscar Gamble, Dennis Claridge, Jim Wiste, Tony Cloninger, Bobby Walden, Kurt Walker, Wayne Krenchicki, John McKenzie, Don Testerman, Gabe Rivera, Jack Patera, Art Williams, Marty Pattin, Roy White, Ron Johnson, Ed Charles, Dan Grimm, Paul, Naumoff, Wes Hopkins, Tim Rossovich, John Hill, Doc Edwards, Jim Houston.  TV & Pop Culture figures we lost in 2018: President George H.W. Bush, Harry Anderson, Katherine Macgregor.

We didn't get them all, but sympathies go out to family and friends of our fallen heroes. See the stars and the obscure at

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